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#Usher4UsherSyndrome Flash Mob!

Rebecca Alexander challenged us to post a video dancing to our favorite Usher song to promote awareness of Usher Syndrome and to get Usher to put on a benefit concert to raise money for research to find treatment and a cure! #UsherSyndrome #Usher4UsherSyndrome

Here are ways you can help:

1) Make a video of you (either by yourself or with friends) dancing to your favorite Usher song. In the intro of the video, explain why you are making the video and challenge at least 5 people (or 25 people!) to make a video too. Post it to all of your social media accounts, tag the people you challenged, tag Usher (@usher) and include the hashtag #usher4ushersyndrome

2) Share the video from the previous tweet and other #usher4ushersyndrome videos. Be sure to include the hashtag and tag Usher.

3) Comment on the video (and other #usher4ushersyndrome videos) with #usher4ushersyndrome and tag Usher.

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