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F.M. Kirby Neurobiology Center     |     Boston Children's Hospital     |     Harvard Medical School

Research in the Holt/Géléoc Lab is focused on sensory transduction or the conversion of stimulus information into electrical information, the language of the brain. Sensory organs are at the interface between the world around us and the internal workings of the brain. To understand how the brain processes information we first need to understand how it collects and encodes information.  As a model for sensory transduction our lab studies the inner ear.  We aim to understand how the sensory cells and neurons in the normal inner ear function.  We want to identify the molecular components required for sensory transduction and identify why mutations in those molecules lead to dysfunction.  Our long term goal is to use this information to design novel therapeutic strategies aimed at restoring sensory transduction and inner ear function. 

The lab is staffed by a dynamic team of scientists including graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and lab technicians.  The tabs above include a description of our research projects, a list of recent publications, images of inner ear tissue, brief biographies of current lab members as well as a list of former members, lab events, a list of newsworthy items, various accolades for the lab and members, our financial support, links to external sites of interest and contact information.  

If you have any questions about the work of the Holt /Géléoc Lab, please feel free to contact us.  

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Holt/Géléoc Lab, September, 2023

Lab 2.jpg

Back row (left to right): Sydney, Will, Evan, Cris, Wang, Stephanie, Olga, Jeff 

 Front row: Matt, Gwen, Chloe (AWOL:  Thibault)

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